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15 September, 2018
08:00 AM
HAND International, Training Hall, Jl. Gubernur Suryo 1F Surabaya Join us

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Limited Seats!

IDR 1300 is intended to foster robust and resilient communities in the face
of a disaster.This course is the follow up to IDR 1100 thus, 
it is a required prerequisite. It is designed to equip trainees 
with the knowledge and skills needed to respond to a disaster within their community.

Participants will gain a basic understanding of coordinating multiple teams in a
disaster zone, while simultaneously collaborating with larger NGOs and other
international entities. This is extremely necessary in order to aid a community 
during a disaster. A simulated Exercise will place participants in a disaster scenario  where they will have to coordinate, manage, and respond as a team 
in a "disaster zone" -a hands-on practice of what they have learned 
throughout the course.